News & Announcements

Dear BodhiMind Friends,

We’ll welcome in the first moments of our New Year, from 10am-2:30pm, simply sitting together with our Companions on the Way from Springs Mountain Sangha, a local Zen group.  Whether you join us for a half hour or several hours it will be heartfelt and heart opening, including ancient Buddhist and Zen traditions.   A few helpful notes:

  • 25 minute Sits starting on the half hour followed by 5 minutes Walking Meditation 
  • Ease on in at 10am or during any Walking Meditation10:2510:55, 11:25, etc.
  • Please bring a bag lunch for Mindful Eating Practice in noble silence 12:00-12:30
  •  Allow ample time for parking as Mesa Rd. is under construction
  • Thanks in advance for not wearing scented products
  • For everyone’s well being, please turn your cell phones off with no vibration
  • Tea, cushions, chairs, and love provided  

For more information, contact Karen at

Hope to see you there!!              Location: 20 Mesa Road

Weekly Group MeditationTuesday, 5:30 – 6:30 pm (discussion until 7 pm

Two 20-minute meditations with basic instructions. Fine for both beginners and experienced. Main focus: developing mindfulness of body, feelings and thoughts; learning to observe inner and outer conditions without judgment; cultivating patience and compassion. Followed by discussion, with tea. OK to arrive late or leave early.

Suggested donation of $5, but no one turned away for lack of funds.    Location: 20 Mesa Road

Saturday Group Meditation9:00-11:00am

Come start the weekend with awareness, light heartedness, and an inner smile for yourself and others, with Rick Knapp or Karen Recktenwald. Meditation (seated and sometimes with movement), discussion and readings.               Location: 20 Mesa Road

First Monday Meditation: First Monday of every month, 5:30-7 pm   

Similar to Tuesday meditation but with some more traditional Buddhist practices, such as:

*Expressing gratitude for and imagining blessings from the historical Buddhist lineages of these teachings

*Visualizing all beings as the field of one’s compassionate commitment for developing Bodhimind, the intention to awaken all one’s capacities for helping to free beings from the mental habits that are the primary causes of suffering

*Practicing visualizing ourselves as purified, positively transformed and inspired by imagining healing lights emanating from images of Buddhas and bodhisattvas

Other additionsRecitation of traditional verses (in English) at beginning and end of each session to set intentions for our practice, including: Taking refuge in Buddha, Dharma and Sangha; acknowledging the force of both our negative and positive actions; Committing to developing Bodhimind (the altruistic aspiration to awaken); Optional prostrations, to express refuge; Occasional periods of mantra recitation              Location: 20 Mesa Road