Volunteer Opportunities

*As of June 2021, BodhIMind Center activities remain online (via our Zoom link here), and we are not seeking volunteers at present. The list below will likely become relevant again around October 2021. Stay tuned for notices!

Team Building

Following up on our October 2019 community meeting, when many of the 40+ attendees expressed enthusiasm for getting more involved in what we do, we want to bring members together to build teams that can plan various programs and activities. At present, these teams cover the following areas:

  • Volunteers available to help with various events
  • Library creation and finding a way to make a lending library out of approximately 400 books we have
  • Program/event inventing and planning, such as organizing talks, seminars, and visits by outside teachers and any program beside our regular Tuesday and Saturday meetings
  • Communications/media help to maintain and expand our website; record events (audio and video); put out our regular newsletter; and place notices of BodhiMind Center programs/events in local media
  • Social activity organization for gatherings such as potlucks

Since the October meeting was over 3 months ago, we want to give folks another chance to join any of the teams. We will be putting together teams in late February. Please let us know if you would like to be involved in one or more of these teams by writing to BodhiMindCenter@gmail.com.



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