Volunteer Opportunities



Requests for Meals to Be Offered to Rinpoche

If you would like to offer a vegetarian meal for Khen Rinpoche and his host Natalie Morris during Rinpoche’s stay, it would be greatly appreciated. The following meals are needed:

  • Dinner, Saturday, June 10
  • Lunch, Sunday, June 11
  • Dinner, Sunday, June 11
  • Dinner, Monday, June 12
  • Lunch, Tuesday, June 13
  • Dinner, Tuesday, June 13
  • Dinner, Wednesday, June 14
  • Lunch, Thursday, June 15
  • Dinner, Thursday, June 15
  • Dinner, Friday, June 16
  • Dinner, Saturday, June 17

If you would like to provide a meal, please contact bodhimindcenter@gmail.com. We will provide you with the address for dropoff. Thank you for your generosity!


Meal Suggestions

Meals do not have to be homemade, but they should be vegetarian, able to be served hot, and should serve 3-4. Rinpoche is a vegetarian and does not eat fish, eggs, or honey. He watches his diet and is trying not to eat much sugar. He tries to avoid spicy foods and potatoes.

We suggest good, whole-grain breads; cheeses; stir-fries; rice; noodles; all vegetables; and tofu; again, nothing spicy. Rinpoche prefers cooked meals over anything cold; for example, if you offer salads, please offer ones that can be served warm.


We greatly appreciate all that our volunteers do!