Guided Meditations and Dharma Talks

6/11/19 (Guided mindfulness, with David Gardiner)
5/28/19 (Guided mindfulness, with David Gardiner)
“White Tara Meditation” (with David Gardiner) Here is a short version in writing of the meditation with an image of White Tara)
6/30/20 (Meditation on Opening, with David Gardiner)
12-7-20 Tonglen practice, with David Gardiner
8-3-21 Another Tonglen meditation (David Gardiner)
8-10-21 A variation on Tonglen (David Gardiner)
1-11-22 Meditation: What is “holding onto” like?
11-22-22 Meditation: Universal compassion and Om Mani Padme Hum (David Gardiner)

Dharma Talks

3/31/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Samsara and Nirvana”
4/14/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Stages of the Path”
4/7/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Our Precious Human Life”
3-1-21 Vajradhara visualization practice (see visual image here. Mantras introduced are: Om shunyata jnana vajra svabhava atmako ham (I have a self whose nature is a diamond of the direct insight into emptiness), and Om svabhava shuddha sarva dharma svabhava shuddho ham (My very nature is pure, and the nature of all phenomena is pure)




4/21/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Developing Bodhimind”
4/28/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Four Immeasurables”
5/5/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Tonglen
5/12/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Emptiness”
5/19/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Two Truths”
5/26/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Three principles of the path”
6/2/20 Talk (David Gardiner: “Structuring a personal meditation practice”
6/9/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Shushing, sharpening, shaping: Ways to meditate”
6/16/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Three trainings of Ethics, Concentration and Insight: Preserving, Deepening, Clearing”
6/23/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “How can we bring the three trainings that support preserving, deepening and clearing (from last week’s talk) more powerfully into each moment?”
6/30/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Anything human is mentionable, and anything mentionable is manageable”
7/7/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Why Wisdom and Compassion make a good pair”
12-1-20 Talk, (David Gardiner): “Practicing with mantras: Om Mani Padme Hum and Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha”
7/14/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “What are the Five Aggregates, and why do they matter?”
7/21/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Four keys for examining our sense of self”
7/28/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Buddhist understandings of self”
8/4/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Eight Verses of Mind Training: Taking Adversity into the Path” (See Eight Verses text here)
8/15/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “A Zen koan” (See Koan text here)
8/18/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Principles of Zen Buddhism”
Talk: Zen and Zen Texts
9/8/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “How and why we practice” (See the text discussed here)
9/15/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Why practice at all? Do we need it? What kinds?”
9/22/20 Talk (David Gardiner)
9/29/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Cracking through our resistance to finding inner peace”
10/6/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Playing catch-and-release with meditation objects”
 10/13/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “A middle way for relating to our thinking
10/20/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “See clearly, feel broadly, act courageously: Cornel West” (Here is an image referred to in the talk, and here is the Cornel West interview)
Talk 5-25-21 (David Gardiner): “Exploring the dynamics of breath”
10/27/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Replace lousy mind with loving mind”
11-17-20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Compassion as a way to peace”
12-7-20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Benefits of Tonglen practice”
12-8-20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Three Clusters of Buddhist Meditation: Attentive, Constructive, Deconstructive”
12-15-20 Talk (David Gardiner): “The Power of Joyful Effort”
12-22-20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Gratification, Danger and Escape”
12-29-20 Talk (David Gardiner): “How to remain in the present moment without becoming frozen”
1-4-20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Guan-Yin visualization, with Om Mani Padme Hum”
1-5-20 Talk (David Gardiner): “The power of generating bodhimind, the altruistic aspiration to awaken”
1-12-20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Building resilience through mindful self-compassion”
Talk 4-20-21 (David Gardiner): “Buddha-mind, No-mind: What’s going on?
1-19-20 Talk (David Gardiner): “The nature of mind underlying thought: non-dual and empty”
Talk 2/9/21 (David Gardiner): “Prayer by Tsongkhapa that models great humility, compassion, commitment and hope” (Link to copy of text here)
1-26-21 Talk (David Gardiner): “Non-duality of subject/object & self/world”
“The idea of ‘self’ in Buddhist thought” (David Gardiner)
2-2-21 Talk (David Gardiner): “Approaches to re-setting, re-booting our default mental states”
Talk 2/16/21 (David Gardiner): “On Compassion”
2-23-21 Talk (David Gardiner): “Staying open for purpose and power”
3-2-21 Talk (David Gardiner): “Locating a potent space in the heart”
3-9-21 Talk (David Gardiner): “This precious human life of leisure and opportunity”
3-16-21 Talk (David Gardiner): “Nesting our practice: How ethical conduct, concentration and insight cooperate on our path”
Talk 3-23-21 (David Gardiner): “The power of positive self-image, even when imagined”

Talk 3-30-21 (David Gardiner): “Holding ourselves and our practice with dignity”

Talk 4-13-21 (David Gardiner): “Trusting the nature of our radiant mind”
Talk 4-27-21 (David Gardiner): “Finding confidence in the transparency of ‘self'”
Talk 5-4-21 (David Gardiner): “Envisioning all beings struggling together”
Talk, Monday 5-8-21 (David Gardiner): “A generative void of possibilities”
Talk 5-11-21: “The importance of making effort”
Talk 5-18-21 (David Gardiner): “Deconstructing the mind-body divide”
9-6-21 Talk (David Gardiner): “How does meditating on Tara benefit us?”
Talk 6-1-21 (David Gardiner): “Impermanence as Opportunity”
Talk 6-15-21 (David Gardiner): “Holding both joy and pain in our practice”
Talk 6-22-21 (David Gardiner): “Subtle movements of mind in meditation”
Talk 6-26-21 (David Gardiner): “Lenses/frames: owning our layers of interpretation”
Talk 7-6-21 (David Gardiner): “Coming to see things as they are”
Talk 7-13-21 (David Gardiner): “Ways we work to stay sane”
Talk 7-20-21 (David Gardiner): “Summoning great compassion”
Talk 7-27-21 (David Gardiner): “Taking refuge in the spaciousness of awareness”
Talk 8-2-21 (David Gardiner): On Tonglen: Taking, Giving and Solidarity with all beings”
Talk 8-3-21 (David Gardiner): “The powerful logic of Tonglen”
8-24-21 Talk *David Gardiner): “Mindfulness as remembering”
Talk 8-31-21 “Creating space in difficult situations”
Talk 9-7-21 (David Gardiner): “How to keep up a positive spirit”
9-28-21 (David Gardiner): “Mindfulness of our embodiment provides a refuge of safety”
Talk 10-11-21 (David Gardiner): “Loving-kindness”
10-19-21 (David Gardiner): “On Self-Acceptance”
Talk 10-26-21 (David Gardiner): “Mindfulness of body should be practiced with loving-kindness”
Talk 11-2-21: “Wisdom, opening and freedom”
Talk 11-9-21: “Somatic knowing: Wisdom as bodily insight”
Talk 11-16-21: “Meditation and love”
Talk 11-23-21: “Memory, gratitude, joy”
Talk 11-30-21: “Discovering abundance in emptiness”
Talk 12-7-21: “Embracing not-knowing”
Talk 12-14-21: “Not-finding mind is Way-finding mind”
Talk 12-28-21: “Impermanence as an entrance to the path”
Talk 1-4-22: “What is Refuge?”
Talk: “On Effort”
Talk 1-18-22: “Words, thoughts, mind, reality: Different but all permeated by freedom”
Talk 9-20-22 “Working with the wisdom of emptiness and compassion”
Talk 9/27/22: “Grounding, with the body”
Talk 10/4/22: “Impermanence is Buddha-nature”
Talk 10/11/22: “Self-compassion”
Talk 10/18/22: “Practicing kindness to ourselves”
Talk 11/1/22: “Life as story, Buddhist teachings as story”
Talk 11-8-22: “Kurt Vonnegut on Joy”
Talk 11/15/22: “Reflecting on impermanence can deepen both wisdom and compassion”
Talk 11-22-22: “Universal compassion and the mantra Om mani padme Hum”
Talk 11/29/22: “Imagination and the Path”
Talk 12-27-22: “Resilience”
Talk 1-10-23: “Teaching and Practice”
Talk 1-31-23: “Trusting our practice”
Talk 2-7-2023: “Compassion as Openness”
Talk 2-21-23: “Self-Compassion as the root of the path”
Talk 3-7-23: “Compatibility of Emptiness and Cause & Effect”
Talk 3-14-23: “Cultivating forbearance toward difficult people, including oneself”

Khen Rinpoche Talks

“Buddhist Approaches to Working with Pain and Suffering,” June 2016


David Gardiner Public Talks

“Tibetan Mind Training: Eight Verses,” Dec. 2015, First Congregational Church, Colorado Springs


“Wisdom and Compassion,” BodhiMind Center 2013 Retreat, Final Session


Bill Porter Talks

“The Chinese Quest for Solitude,”  Jan. 31, 2013

Talks by Bill Porter


Slide Show


Q&A Chinese Quest

“A Journey on the Silk Road,” Feb. 1, 2013

Introduction Silk Road

Slide Show Silk Road

Poems Silk Road

Q&A Silk Road

“The Heart Sutra,” Feb. 2, 2013

Introduction Heart Sutra

Lecture Heart Sutra

Q&A Heart Sutra


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