BodhiMind Center recommends the following links for further information on local Buddhist groups and the general study of Buddhism.

Local Buddhist Groups

Local groups of various traditions that offer teachings and meditation:

Colorado Springs Area Buddhist Sangha Directory

Awakening Truth

Canon Sangha

Rocky Mountain Insight

       Pikes Peak Vajra Vidya

Springs Mountain Sangha

Tibetan Meditation Center

       Web of Connection

Websites about Buddhism

Overall coverage of things Buddhist with directories of centers:

Fine coverage of and translations from the Pali tradition of Theravada Buddhism:

Resources from BodhiMind Center Events

Handouts, recordings, and other resources from our seminars and events:

2013 Retreat: Final session (recording, by David Gardiner)

White Tara Meditation text

Bill Porter Talks (recordings)

Wall texts from “Mandalas of Enlightenment” Exhibit: Akshobhya-Mamaki_WalltextAmitabha-Pandarsa_WalltextAmoghasiddhi-Samayatara_WalltextRatnasambhava-Vajradatvishvari_WalltextVairochana-Lochana_Walltext

        Newsletter: Ladakh, Siddhartha School, Tashi Lhunpo Monastery

Newsletter: Tashi Lhunpo Monastery and the Panchen Lama


BMC Seminar On Path 2015, Reading for Monday, March 2, 2015

Tibetan Lojong Mind-training: BMC Seminar Readings, October 2015

       Lama Govinda on Five Buddha Mandala 1

       Lama Govinda on FIve Buddha Mandala 2

       “Three Principles of the Path” by Tsongkhapa

Texts for Practice

Useful Prayer and Practice texts

Select Prayers

First Monday prayers

Eight Verses of Mind Training

The Foundation of All Good Qualities

Visualizing the Merit Field

Instructions on Practicing Visualization of the Merit Field

White Tara Meditation