Meditation and Dharma talks

6/11/19 (Guided mindfulness, with David Gardiner)
5/28/19 (Guided mindfulness, with David Gardiner)
“White Tara Meditation” (with David Gardiner)
3/31/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Samsara and Nirvana”
4/7/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Our Precious Human Life”
4/14/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Stages of the Path”
4/21/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Developing Bodhimind”
4/28/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Four Immeasurables”
5/5/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Tonglen
5/12/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Emptiness”
5/19/20 Talk (David Gardiner): “Two Truths”

Khen Rinpoche Talks

“Buddhist Approaches to Working with Pain and Suffering,” June 2016


David Gardiner Talks

“Tibetan Mind Training: Eight Verses,” Dec. 2015, First Congregational Church, Colorado Springs


“Wisdom and Compassion,” BodhiMind Center 2013 Retreat, Final Session


Bill Porter Talks

Talks by Bill Porter

“The Chinese Quest for Solitude,”  Jan. 31, 2013


Slide Show


Q&A Chinese Quest

“A Journey on the Silk Road,” Feb. 1, 2013

Introduction Silk Road

Slide Show Silk Road

Poems Silk Road

Q&A Silk Road

“The Heart Sutra,” Feb. 2, 2013

Introduction Heart Sutra

Lecture Heart Sutra

Q&A Heart Sutra